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IUI Equipments
Compact Model for Medical Laboratories. The special features include easy lid lock, Safety fuse and elegant front panel.
Built in digital timer & step less knob to control the speed digital display of speed & time on screen.
Head swing out with 8X15m1 tubes.
Monocular / Binocular / Trinocular
For use in clinical & biological laboratories ideals/ suited for semen analysis, morphology, medical collages, hospital & higher education.
Digital Eyepiece for video capturing Just connect with microscope to computer and capture morphology, motality counts of semen & other pathological use.
0.3 microns HEPA Filers, 99.97% filteration efficiency Work table covered with Stainless Steel, Fitted with Static pressure Indicator (Manometer). Stabilisation through UV - Germiciadal Tubes Size 25(2"x2" or irxtrx4"
SHUKRATARA ® Sperm Counting Chamber
To achieve all in one step on a single chamber which is Evolution-Vision's Shukratara — the sperm counting chamber for evaluating the sperm concentration in a desired specimen as well as motility percentage also in the same focus of microscope.
A precise microprocessor based temp. Controller with digital display, PT 100 sensor with accuracy of 0.5c & digital key pad to set temp. Aluminum block for semen colection container, straight centrifuge tube & inclined at an angle of 30c for swim up technique.