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IUI Disposable
Centrifuge Test Tube

10 ml / 15 ml
Material: P. P.

Sperm Launcher
IUI Cannula/Catheter

6 cms - small & makler type, side open with syringe
11 cms - semi flex / Regular (hard), side open with syringe ‚Äč
17 cms - semi flex / regular (hard), side open with syringe
17 cms Curved, side open with syringe
Material: P. P.

Pasture Pipette Dropper

3 ml
Material: LDPE

Semen Collection Container

50 ml
100 ml
Material: P. P. / HDPE

Powder Free Gloves

Material: Medical Clear Plastic
6" - 6.5"
7" - 7.5"

A. R. T. Disposables Pack

(2-tubes, 2-pipettes)
Material: P. P.

  • all disposables are sterilised.
  • individually packed in sterilization indicator pouch.
  • all disposables made by medical grade plastic and specially designed for A. R. T. procedure.
  • Batch, Lot, Mfg and expiry details indicated on product.